Makkah Cafe: An Old World Tea House Serving Stellar Sulaimani Chai And Kova-Stuffed Dil Pasand

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Housed at the age-old Johnson Market, Makkah Cafe is a bustling tea room that is untouched by time. Their Sulaimani and Kova-Stuffed Dil Pasand, however, are as fresh as it gets. The rock-bottom prices add a bit of sheen too.

A Sip In Time

The story goes that in the 1920s, the British took over a series of horse stables and converted them into what is now Johnson Market. Now, our memory {and lifespan} doesn’t stretch far enough to recall this. But we sure do remember that Makkah Cafe, an iconic establishment, has been around for a decades at least.

When you enter the lane that leads to Johnson Market, if you are unsure about where Makkah Cafe is – just look for the crowds. A favourite with college students, office goers, and old Bangaloreans in search of nostalgia in a cup – Makkah Cafe is always busy. As you walk past the elegant arch, past the cashier who has stacks of fried and baked of goodies laid around him, you’ll see the tea room open up in front of you. All you get here is bare benches and a constant chatter, so choose your nook and get ordering.

Just My Cup Of Tea

Now, Makkah Cafe is not the kind of place where you go for a leisurely cup of tea while typing away on your laptop. But it’s great place to get a feel of old world Bangalore while sipping on glasses of hot, hot Sulaimani — refreshing and with that hint of sweetness. It can be a godsend if you’ve had an especially tiring day or you have been pigging out at any of the fine biryani and kebab establishments that Johnson Market is home to.

Kova, Kova Chand

However, if you are looking for something to nibble on, order up slices of their Kova Dil Pasand. The flaky pastry comes stuffed with crumbly bits of sweet kova and shreds of coconut. You’ll wolf this down in record time, we assure you. The oily and crunchy samosas packed with onions and peas too is a top pick. They are on the spicy side and go excellently with the mellow sweetness of the chai.