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Sicily Lemon, Cookie Sandwich & Black Ice Cream, This New Sweet Spot Is Serving Us Scoops Of Yum!

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Ice cream lovers, there’s a new sweet spot in town for you! Mama Mia in Indiranagar is serving up yummy flavours of gelato and we can’t get enough.

We All Scream For Ice Cream

If you’re tired of the whole cornetto or DBC {Death By Chocolate} drill and are looking for a little bit of excitement on the ice cream front, we think we might have some news that may be of interest to you. Mama Mia is the latest addition to the gelato bandwagon of the city, serving up delicious, low-fat scoops of Italian gelato that hits all of our sweet spots. They offer a whole range of flavours to tuck into — from Bubblegum to Benarasi Paan. But we’re big fans of the Stardust Vanilla, which is a black ice cream, that is a scoop of vanilla gelato infused with activated charcoal giving it a luscious black hue. Delicious and totally Instagrammable, this one takes top spot on our list. The Sicily Lemon sorbet and the Philadelphia Cheesecake flavoured gelato also rank high on our list of favourites. Starting at INR 64 a scoop, the prices don’t make eyes pop either.

Sundaes Over Sundays

If you want something fancier than a humble scoop, we’d like to turn your attention to their lavish sundaes, milkshakes and gelato floats. We tucked into the Rocher Rocker Sundae that all chocoholics are sure to love, as this loaded treat has bits of Ferrero Rocher and Rocher gelato, with a heavy drizzle of chocolate sauce and almonds on top. If you’re not much of a choco fanatic, their Italian Tutti Fruitti Sundae, which has fresh fruits, fruit crush, gelato and white chocolate shavings, packs a nice fruity punch. Served in a tall glass, make sure you dig your spoon in deep and scoop up all the fruits and flavours.

We tried their Hot Chocolate that is just pure decadent liquid hot chocolate. There’s no fluff and they don’t mess with a classic and that’s what makes it such a hit with the crowds. The gelato floats are also a great way to quench your thirst with a sugar coma, as these come with a scoop of vanilla gelato dunked into your favourite soda that makes for a fizzy and refreshing drink.

There's More...

Apart from ice cream treats, they have boxes of chocolates and other sweet bites to take home too. From Mini Sandwich Cookies, with Nutella in between, to Dark Chocolate and Almond Clusters, these make for great gifts {and midnight snacks}. And they make ice cream cakes and pies too {We know what we want for our next birthday}. So hit up Indiranagar’s Double Road and head to Mama Mia to give that sweet tooth a good pampering.


You can also buy tubs of ice cream here to take home.