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Asian Chicken Wings, Sweet Potato And Tuna Salad On Mamagoto's New Menu

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Mamagoto’s new menu additions give a distinct Asian and fiery makeover to chicken wings, tuna salads and even the humble sweet potato.

Dumplings Galore

No meal at Mamagoto is complete without tucking into their delicate dumplings. We started off with the Cheese and Truffle ones, a really cheesy but surprisingly delicious dumpling, which we ate dipped in Mamagoto’s lovely chilli, garlic and onion dip. The Prawn and Celery and the Rainbow Chicken dumpings were ordinary, but not so the Vegetarian Crystal dumpling, which was surprisingly flavourful. But the deep fried Sesame Prawn Balls are the bomb here. So are the Bophut Chicken Wings — sweet, sticky, coconutty, yet fiercely spicy chicken wings, which we loved.

Little Big Eats

Up next was Silky Wilky Tofu Salad — chunks of tofu tossed with some sweet sauces and cucumber, that didn’t cut it for us. But the Admiralty Tuna salad, was just on another level. Deep fried tuna flakes {no, make that double fried}, came topped with sprouts and herbs, to be eaten with a sweet and spicy peanut laden sauce. This was one of the best dishes from the new menu. Second honours go to the simple, yet impactful Grilled Sweet Potato served with a piquant wasabi mayo. Just add a squeeze of lime and you are good to go.

We didn’t really try too many mains, and we suggest you go with Mamagobto’s starters and small plates. But we did tuck into a excellent fish served in a tangy, green chilli sauce. The fish was disappointingly Basa, but the green, tangy, lemony and spicy sauce was so good that we couldn’t stop eating it. Plus, it came topped with fried onions for the right crunch.

So, We're Thinking

Did you notice, we did an entire meal minus carbs? No heavy duty curries and rice, but lots of interesting protein and salads. We were happy but also felt light. Vegetarians, you might not find enough options on the new menu except a couple of dumplings, curries and a light and refreshing summer roll.