Batman Or Abstract Art: This Designer Will Paint Any Design On Your Canvas Shoes


    What Makes It Awesome

    All you folks bragging about your Converse and Vans as they are, we know how to make them even better. Simply call Mana, the brain and artist behind Mana Custom Art, who will customise it to the most minute detail. You can see the scars of T-Bone from Swat Kats on the shoes.  And then there are the really stellar pair of Vans shoes that are half Targaryen and Lannister. Ooh ooh, and the old school Josie And The Pussy Cats -- Archie comic book-style. 

    Starting out with her sister, painting on old jeans, shoes, and even the walls, we trust Mana’s art and design sensibilities, because she’s been doing this since her school days! And luckily, she likes tweaking and brightening up anything from worthy-of-discarding shoes, tees and even bags. So if there is anything in the pop culture world — from Harry Potter and Batman to Star Wars and The Doors, just share your ideas with her, and after some back and forth on fine-tuning the final design, let her unleash her creativity on your shoes. She’ll even paint on Rafa Nadal, football club crests, Bob Marley and anything else that catches your fancy. Or, pick florals, geometric designs and just any picture you want — describe it, and it’ll be done. "If it’s a gift for someone close to them, I try to represent that person’s taste, and the relationship in some way too.” So if you want to be part of the process, feel free to share photos, stories, quirks, favourite foods, and anything else that may be able to represent you or the person you’re customising the shoes for.

    Presumably, you want a pair of these unique works of art. Well, us too. So buy your canvas shoes — no specific brand or colour, though Mana will help with specifics if you want (she likes working with Vans), and reach out to her on the Facebook page. Go, make it personal. 


    Interestingly, she won’t show you the final design, so despite the heart to heart discussions, when you open that box, you’re still (pleasantly) surprised by what you see. ‘Haven’t a clue what you want’ is also an option, because then she’ll unleash talent on your shoes. Or bag, any apparel and musical instrument for that matter.