Maratha Darshan for its Meaty Specials

    Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore


    Military mess-style food to gorge on, especially mutton dishes, at impossibly budget prices


    The Mutton Kaima and the Mutton Fry



    What we ate

    There are only so many ways to go about deciding on one’s meal at this restaurant. One picks the meat: mutton or chicken, then the preferred preparation, and the accompaniments. We picked the Mutton Kaima Thali, the Mutton Fry Thali, and the side dish of Mutton Liver. Apart from the meat dishes, the thalis are served with a bowl of rice, Ragi Mudde {a dough made of ragi flour and water}, and a bowl of Soppina Saaru {a thin spiced gravy with ground greens, onion, and tomato}.

    The Mutton Kaima is a dish of minced mutton balls, cooked in a gravy similar to the Soppina Saaru in flavour but with the added creaminess of coconut. The Mutton Fry is spiced with freshly-ground green chilli. The side dish, Mutton Liver, is brilliantly peppery with hints of red chilli and cinnamon.

    The DL on the ambience

    There are two levels to this no-frills restaurant. The ground floor is a standing area, with no seating, and caters to the office-goers from the surrounding areas popping in for a quick lunch. The second floor has family, bench-type seating and is more relaxed but usually as crowded with regulars.

    So, we’re thinking…

    The hearty, homely food of Maratha Darshan always keeps us coming back for more.

    Where: 4, Queens Road Cross

    When: Tuesday-Sunday, 12.30pm-4pm. Monday closed.

    Contact: +91 9902021970

    Price: INR 400 {approx.} for two

      Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore