Get Everything You Need For Your Home Starting At Just INR 9 Here

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What Makes It Awesome

Recently moved to Bangalore and looking to shop for house utilities and grocery products at discounted prices? Head to Market 99 in GT World Mall to pick up affordable decor, kitchenware, mugs, toiletries, and everything you need to set up your home. What’s amazing is that its pricing starts at INR 9, and most of their prices end with nine. Think INR 9, INR 59, INR 79... you get the drift, right? Almost all of the products are in-house brands, hence the deep discounts and low price. 

Pick up home decor pieces such as night lamps, cutesy key hangers and vases too. Pick up bendy pencils for INR 109 for 10, wind chimes for INR 109 and AUX cables for just INR 79 (though we cannot vouch for this one's quality!). Setting up the house? The crockery section will make you very happy. They have some elegant-looking yet cheap dishes, cups, bowls and plates.


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