Ten-Second Takeaway

Marzipan Cafe And Bakery aces with their Greek Moussaka and stellar desserts. Plus, owner and Greek expat Kiki Petriti is genuinely friendly and polite.

Chow Down

Greek Salad,  Moussaka, Spanakopita, Chocolate Mud Pie and Cinnamon Bundt Cake

Sip On

Fresh watermelon juice

Winning For

Authentic food, cheery cafe atmosphere and the friendly host.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Some of the giant quotes written on the walls of the cheerful cafe might befuddle you, but the white and blue decor {Mediterranean colours}, comfortable seating, with even some cane swing-like chairs thrown in, make for a cozy set up. The dessert bay with its display of cakes, pies, cheesecakes and cupcakes will make you salivate and how.

What’s On The Menu?


Look no further than the Greek specials here. We went to Marzipan Cafe for a weekday lunch and ordered the just-fresh-off-the-oven Spanakopita, a spinach and Feta cheese pie encased in a flaky phyllo pastry shell and baked, the Greek Moussaka {with chicken mince} and a Greek salad. The salad was a riot of colours with tomatoes, olives, cucumber, onions and peppers tossed up with generous drizzle of olive oil and salty Feta. The Spanakopita was flaky and so fresh, but the Moussaka is a clear winner here with layers of absolutely delicious chicken mince, aubergines, potatoes, all baked together with lots of cheese and Béchamel sauce. The cafe also does freshly squeezed juices served in milk bottles with colourful straws.

Dessert Love

But we need to talk about dessert! We tried an outstanding Bundt Cake with a cinnamon swirl in the middle and a layer of old fashioned coffee-laced icing on top. It went rather well with our cappucinos, but the Chocolate Mud Pie with its gooey, fudgy, messy and Belgian bittersweet chocolate goodness made us literally want to kiss the pastry chef’s hands. The desserts at Cafe Marzipan changes daily so you might have to call them in advance to find out when the Mud Pie might make an appearance again. Because you simply must visit just for this dessert.

So, We’re Thinking…

The desserts here alone will have us back. But the good-natured host and her Greek food are other attractions.

Price: INR 800 for two

Photos: Marzipan Café & Bakery