Mason Jars & Much More: This Is My Favourite Shop For Housewarming & Cute Gifts

    What Makes It Awesome

    There's a particular shop in Arihant Plaza that I visit super often to satiate all my gifting needs. It's the first shop number in the basement {towards your right side} and has an amazing collection of dining and home ware that will drive any girl insane! It's a perfect place to visit if you have to go for a housewarming if you're visiting someone for the first time or simply want to jazz up your home and kitchen! Everytime I step in there, theres always something new be it some unique trays with amazing designs ranging from Turkish prints to ikat and such. They have such nice serving trays such as a dip tray for French fries, distinctive platter plates for your mezze and starters, the most gorgeous floral teacup sets to even some quirky shot glasses! One of the items that I often go back for are the mason jars, beckoning me with all their vibrant colours and cuteness. The jars are priced at just INR 100 to INR 120, are uber cute and have matching straws to their lids {they definitely beat the ones you can find at mainstream shops like Chumbak!}.

    What Could Be Better?

    The only issue here is that there's just one guy to attend to you, and his things are all piled up high above so there's a constant fear that if you touch anything, it might tumble down. You need to constantly ask him to remove the things that you'd like to see. Also, some things might appear dusty but generally it's fine once you wipe it.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    You can bargain, but not too much. If the shop guy quotes about INR 650 for a teacup set, you can maximum get it down to INR 600. If you're looking for something specific, you can let him know and he might take your number and call you once he receives something like what you're looking for.

    Anything Else?

    It's preferable you go there during the daytime so you're sure that the piece you are buying isn't defective or the colour isn't what you wanted. Just be a little prudent and check your purchases carefully.