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    Aloo Poshto And Shorshe Maach: Meal Diaries Is Doing A Bengali Special All October

    Amrita posted on 03 October

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Keeping with the theme of Durga Pujo {starting October 8}, food delivery service Meal Diaries is going Bengali all of this month.

    The Bong Connection

    For those Bengalis who are stuck at work in the city during Durga Pujo {and couldn’t make it home to Kolkata sadly}, the closest thing to Ma’s cooking would be to head to the nearest Bong restaurant in sight. Building on that sentiment and reducing the effort of actually having to make it to the nearest Bengali restaurant is Meal Diaries with their daily changing menu of Bengali meals all through October. Meal Diaries plans to introduce two new meals every week {one veg and one non veg}.

    State Of Bengal

    We tried two of their non vegetarian meals {the mustard fish and the Chingri or Prawn Malai curry} and a vegetarian one {Aloo Poshto meal}. Apart from the main curries, all meals came with Cholar Dal {chana dal}, Aloo Bhaja {fried aloo} or Potol Bhaja {fried gourd}, Luchi, and rice. We found the Luchis to be rather thick {we Bengalis have high standards you see}, but it went well with the tasty Cholar Dal and crunchy Aloo Bhaja. The Aloo Poshto {potatoes cooked in a poppy seed paste} was quite authentic, but we couldn’t say the same for the Chingri Malai Curry. The dish lacked coconut milk in the curry and why were there potatoes in it?. Though the number of prawns added in one portion was pretty generous. The Shorshe Mach or mustard fish came with Bhetki and not Basa thankfully and was pretty delicious with the steamed rice. We ended our meal with Payesh or kheer {not too sweet and delicious} and a rasgulla {overly sweet and not very fresh}

    So, We're Thinking...

    While the food is nowhere near mom’s cooking, I’d be interested to know what else will be up for offer in the rotating menu. There is also the added advantage of ordering in a Bengali meal when you can’t be bothered to step out. Fellow Bongs, I am talking to you.

    When: Monday, October 3- Friday, October 28

    Price: INR 160 for vegetarian and INR 200 for non vegetarian