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A Cute Little Place Serving Some Amazing Asian Cuisines!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Taiki is a cute little place is a destination for some amazing Japanese, Chinese and Asian food. A garage place previously is converted into a pretty space. The narrow space resembles the narrow streets of Japan giving you an authentic feel.

Started with the MISO SHIRU soup which is made with seaweed, tofu and spring onion. The tofu was so soft that it literally melted in the mouth. Loved the flavour of the soup too.

The Mushroom Gyoza & Chicken Gyoza were the winners of the show. They use wheat to make the wrap making it a tasty and healthier option. Served with sauce. Ask for steamed or pan-fried.

The NAM PHRIK is a Thai dish with chillies and lemon juice making it more tasty and juicy. Tofu is the veg option and chicken for the non-veg.

They serve a variety of Sushis in both veg and non-veg. Loved the tempura rolls the best which has the prawn tempura, red and yellow pepper & cucumber. All the sushi platters are served with Wasabi, soy sauce, and Gari.

They have come up with this concept of the Meal in the Bowl which is originally from Korea/Japan where people prefer these bowls for a proper meal. They call it the "Buddha Bowl".

The Ramen bowl comes with the hot Broth with tofu for veg and chicken for non-veg. They do have other seafood options too. The best one among all was KATSU CURRY in which the chicken slices are coated with breadcrumbs and fried served with aromatic curry sauce and sticky rice. You can feel the authenticity of the flavours in each and everything as they source in all the raw materials from Korea/Japan itself.

YAKISOBA is the noodles made out of wheat. It's a kind of Japanese style chowmein. This was my second favourite and Again a healthy and yummy choice everyone can go for.

JAPCHAE is the Korean stir fry glassy noodles which I felt like the Japanese version of vermicelli. Didn't like it much but the noodles were cooked perfectly with all the veggies and peppers.

And Finally the desserts. Tried the BINSU for the first time. It's the Korean Icecream made out of ice shavings topped with different flavours and toppings. DATE & CHOCOLATE Cigar rolls with Icecream was another interesting dessert which you would love if you love the dates. CRISPY NOODLES WITH ICECREAM was a decent one. BINSU is a must try ❤️

The service was quick and prompt. The owner was the sweetest with great hospitality. Staff was friendly and very caring. In all must go place if you are looking for some amazing lip-smacking food.YAY!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000