Brown Apron: Meats, Cold Cuts and Dairy Brought Home To You


Stock up your freezer without budging an inch. Brown Apron, a newly-launched delivery service, brings home meat, cold cuts, fish, eggs, dairy products and, even, a few exotic proteins.

All Aboard The Meat Wagon

Bangalore-based startup, Brown Apron aims to change the way India buys meat. And wants to become everyone’s go-to ‘meat guy’. Their modus operandi? Delivering fresh meats to your doorstep. This is how they plan to achieve their lofty goals.

Brown Apron’s operations are in full swing in Bangalore and they deliver to neighbourhoods like Frazer Town, Kammanahalli, Banaswadi, Koramangala, Bellandur, and HSR Layout. You can either call them or place your order online {this is recommended}. While checking out, you can choose the time slot you want the products to reach home and they’ll deliver it then. For fish, since freshness is of utmost importance, if you can pre-book your order by 4am, it will be delivered to you within three hours of reaching the city.

Protein Check

On the website, there’s plenty to choose from under each protein type. For chicken, you can buy them whole or cubes. You can even pick up wings, drumsticks, and mince. Under mutton, you can buy pieces, chops, shoulder, brain, and liver. Chicken sausages and salami rule the roost in the cold cuts section. Brown Apron also sells rabbit, turkey and duck meat if you are looking to cook up something different in the kitchen.

The dairy products page includes paneer, khova, cooking butter and rabdi. Finally, if you aren’t in the mood to make everything from scratch but still want your protein for the day, just skip to the ‘Ready to Cook’ header. You’ll find packets of malai paneer tikkas, prawn pepper fry, and chicken tikkas waiting to be picked up and tossed into the pan.

Where: Check out the delivery areas here.

Price: INR 37 onwards

Contact: 080 32002244 {Their call centre takes up orders between Tuesday-Sunday between 9am-6pm}

Timings: Delivery begins at 8am everyday

Order online here.