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Endless Tea Estates, Wildlife And Trekking Trails Greet You At Meghamalai


    Tamil Nadu’s Meghamalai borders the famous Periyar Tiger Reserve. Unspoilt, the lush green hills are made up of winding tea estates, plantations, and forests that are best explored by foot.

    The High Wavy Mountains

    Getting to Meghamalai {christened the High Wavy Mountains by the Britishers} is no easy task. Even the official tourism website warns of bad roads infested with potholes. The best way to get here is an SUV that you can hire from the tourism department at the nearby Dindigul train station or drive one down from Bengaluru itself. However, once you get there, you’ll realise that the arduous journey was well worth it.

    Still unclaimed by tourism, Meghamalai sits at the edge of the scenic Idukki district in Kerala and is divided by a state border. Like the Idukki district {that is home to tourist the Periyar Tiger Reserve and Munnar}, Meghamalai too is abundant in wildlife, tea estates, cardamom plantations, and waterfalls.

    Lost In The Mists

    The best way to discover and soak in the beauty of Meghamalai is through treks. Since the tourists are still to come here, there aren’t any operators who offer trekking expeditions. But with the help of locals and the tourism wing, you can chalk out trails of your own. The most popular trekking spot is the Elephant Corridor. Here, you’ll circle your way around the Manalar Dam that offers stunning views of the Cumbum Valley below. You then head to the Maharaja Mettu, the highest viewpoint from where you can gape at the mist-covered Varusanadu Hills. Of course, as the name suggests, there’s a good chance you’ll bump into plenty of wildlife on your trek. Elephants, bisons, lion-tailed macaques and spotted deer are common here.

    Peak Experience

    The Vellimalai Peak that sits at the heart of Meghamalai, is also a trekker’s favourite. An early morning trek will bring you face to face with picturesque hills and also the scenic tea estates. You’ll also make your way past rustic tribal hamlets. And if you manage to find a reliable guide, do visit Vellimalai for an unforgettable sunset or sunrise.