Meraki Spa Will Solve All Your Problems With Massages And Exotic Essential Oils


    A tranquil space located on St Marks Road, this spa has luxurious treatments with its own bouquet of spa products.

    First Impressions

    The spa looks like a fairytale setting inspired by Morocco; the use of soft colours and artistic detail is relevant from hanging rugs to colourful tiles and pistachio shaded double doors that lead to your therapy room. Once your therapist asks you the customary questions on what you want to feel after the massage {relaxed, rejuvenated, energized}, based on your response they create a selection of essential oils that are used for your therapy.

    Make It Oil Right

    I picked The Signature Massage consisting of firm yet gentle strokes that release tension all over your body. The use of the oils, eases your senses giving in to the hour-long massage. The massage was not gentle enough for me to doze off but at the same time it wasn’t so high-pressured that I had to clam up. In fact, the therapist makes sure you are present but comfortable. The treatment is an all-body treatment with special focus on the spine {and the spinal cord which is considered to have a lot of tension from day to day activities}. Within half an hour of the treatment, I found myself relaxed and slowly surrendering to the treatment.

    More Than A Massage

    The treatment is just half the session, each room has a steam and shower cubicle combined with a range of luxurious cosmetics. I lounged in the sauna cubicle, letting the oil and steam work on bringing all the toxins to the surface of the skin. And when I came out of the cubicle, I felt rejuvenated and that too with a dewy complexion. Ending on a warm note, a cup of steaming green tea bid me farewell at the relaxing lounge.


    Take the experience home with their selection of spa products. The vanilla and honey scrub is my favourite.