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International Bands Prove Their {Extreme} Metal at the Trendslaughter Fest

Neha posted on 09 October

Ten-second takeaway

If there's ever been doubt that Bangalore's moved on from its metal roots, the Trendslaughter Fest is here this Saturday to reunite all the city's metalheads.

Metal mania

It can’t get more extreme and underground than this: the fifth and final edition of the Fest takes place on October 10. The festival has been at it since 2011, and is known for featuring acts from South Asia and South-East Asia. They’ve managed to score quite a win this year by getting the rarely-seen Finnish metal act Demilich to headline the festival. Demilich has been known to disappear for years at a stretch, and last performed in 2010. Right now, they’re performing select gigs in Europe and the USA. Trendslaughter Fest is their only gig in all of Asia. You can check out their only album, Nespithe, right below.

Other bands playing at the festival include the Japanese death/doom metal veterans Anatomia, as well as India’s own Dying Embrace, Singaporean war metallers Balberith, and Indonesian black metal outfit Hellucinate.

Where: No Limits Lounge & Club, #8, 2nd Floor, Ashok Nagar, Allied Grande Plaza, Magrath Road

When: October 10, 4 pm onwards.

Tickets for the event available here.

Find the event on Facebook here.

Featured image via Demilich.