Authentic Mexican cuisine (or as close as you can get to it) is hard to come by in Bangalore. The generic Americanisation of Taco Bell notwithstanding, people sometimes want a taste of the real stuff. Many restaurants and bars like Krazzy Folds, Pecos or TGI Fridays serve Mexican as one of the multiple cuisines available, usually including pasta, steaks, fried rice and butter naans too. The lack of specificity means that one can’t really have an all round experience, right amigo? So where are those proper nachos, tacos and salsa that isn’t jazzed up ketchup? Here are a few places which get their guacamole, spicy beans and cilantro rice just right.


try mexican food at chinita in indiranagar

Source: Chinita

We have already raved about Chinita here. Braised pork tacos or juicy prawn versions, interesting vegetarian options such as beans and cheese, roasted zucchini and corn, and spinach and caramelised onions are all different vegetarian fillings. They even have a pretty legit Mole sauce!

Where: 218, Double Road, Indiranagar

When: 12.30-3.30pm and 7.30-11pm

Contact: +91 9686551896

Price: INR 1,500 for two

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try habanero for mexican food

Source: Habanero

Dishes here range from authentic Mexican to modern Texan adaptations. Once you navigate through the fairly complex menu that lets you basically customise your entire meal, you can truly smell and taste the flavours of Mexico. Their Beef Tenderloin Fajitas are to die for. They even have someone mash up fresh avocados at your table and prepare lovely guacamole!

Where: Find a Habanero near you here.

When: noon-11:30pm

Contact: +91 9243405800

Price: INR 1,500 for two

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Check out their website here.


try sanchos restaurant for mexican food

Source: Sancho’s

Their Pork Burrito, Fish Tacos, Quesadillas and Chimichangas are all expertly prepared and their basic condiments of Pico de Gallo and silky kidney beans are a treat unto themselves. Try some spiced tequila while you’re at it.

Where: 204, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road

When: 11:30am-11:30pm

Contact: 080 41755266

Price: INR 1,500 for two

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Mamma Mexicana

try mexican food at mamma mexicana restaurant

Source: Mamma Mexicana

Mama Mexicana tries to liven up its menu with Tex-Mex pizzas and other novel mash-ups. However, the tried and tested standards such as fajitas and quesadillas are what you should go for along with their signature cocktails such as Mexi-Tini, orange infused vodka, tequila and orange juice shaken up together or Mexico Lindo: tequila, lime juice and Blue Curacao.

Where: 1 MG Road Mall, MG Road, Bangalore

When: 11am- 11:30pm

Contact: +91 9886796732

Price: INR 1,000 for two

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The Heat Mexican Cafe and Grill

try heat mexican cafe and grill on BEL road for mexican food

Source: The Heat Mexican and Cafe and Grill

Sit at a quiet little balcony table here and start by munching on churros. The Soya Chorizo is really quite something here. You can make your own enchiladas and rice bowls and get unlimited toppings of lettuce and sour cream too. Also, try dunking your nachos into the heavenly artichoke spinach dip. Don’t forget the fried ice cream to finish off your meal!

Where: 206, 2nd Floor, Dollars Colony, New BEL Road, Bangalore

When: 11am-11pm

Contact: 080 40982444

Price: INR 800 for two

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California Burrito

try california burrito for mexican food

Source: California Burrito

This one’s a chain and not a restaurant but California Burrito’s short and sweet menu offers nachos, tacos, salads, burritos and rice bowls as a base on which you build your meal. Take your pick from main fillings such as Barbeque, Caribbean or Spicy Chicken or Peri Peri Potato, add toppings of your choice: anything from sour cream to salsa and spicy beans. Add extras like guacamole or spicy mayo and you are good to go. There’s also quesadillas (available post 3pm) in chicken, cheese and other options.

Where: Find a California Burrito near you here.

When: 11am-11pm

Price: INR 400 for two

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try smacznego for mexican food in banashankari

Source: Smacznego

Though not a true-blue Mexican joint, Smacznego’s tacos and nachos are climbing the popularity charts steadily with hungry patrons. Their Po-Tacos – potato tacos to you! – with chunky chilli potatoes, homemade salsa, jalapeños, cheesy sauce and lots of grated cheese, are hits as are the loaded nachos with everything from cheese and beans to mustard and spicy chilli sauce. 

Where: 2470, 21st Main Road, 25th Cross, Banashankari

When: 11am-10.30pm

Contact: +91 8095161516

Price: INR 350 for two

Find them on Facebook here.

Featured image via: Sancho’s