Ten-Second Takeaway

Chinita is as authentic as it will get when it comes to Mexican food in Bangalore.

Chow Down

Chinita Salad, Braised Pork Tacos, Pan Seared Prawn Tacos and Chilli Chocolate Cake

Sip On

Horchata and Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate

Winning For

Really friendly owners, absolutely delicious food and an easygoing atmosphere.

Lowdown On The Ambience

The place is tiny, but the decor is trendy with brick walls, laid-back benches and picnic tables for seating. But beware! Weeknights and weekends are crowded so there is always a queue waiting to be seated here.

What We Always End Up Ordering

We always start here with the Almond Horchata, a refreshing, sweet, chilled Mexican drink made out of almonds and rice. The Chinita Salad here is the compilation of really simple ingredients but is an explosion of several flavours and textures with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, crumbled tortilla chips, roasted corn, lots of parmesan and their special house-made queso dressing.

The Braised Pork Tacos are the bomb here and so are the pan-seared juicy prawn-laden ones. Accompanied by roasted tomato salsa, jalapeños, sour cream and onions, these tacos are had best with a squeeze of lime. We always end our meal at Chinita with the seriously fiery yet sweet Chilli Chocolate Cake. But Chinita’s Churros and Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate has its own fan following too.

So We’re Thinking

We have made eating out at Chinita a regular affair and so should you if you are looking at light, flavourful and authentic Mexican fare.

Image credit:  Chinita