Euki In Jayanagar Wins For Its Bright Cafe Ambience And A Global Vegetarian Menu

    Jayanagar, Bangalore


    A really good place for vegetarians as the menu goes beyond the usual paneer tikka and chilli potatoes. The global menu makes it a nice place to dine out.

    Chow Down

    My Peri Peri Baby Corns, Batata Harra, Panda’s Pepper

    Sip On

    Jayanagar 4th Block Runner

    Winning For

    The cafe-like ambience, the all-out vegetarian menu with Jain options, and the friendly service

    Low Down On The Ambience

    Euki is a small place with space for about 11 tables {50 people at a time} so it can get crowded and a bit noisy during peak hours. The well-lit cafe-like ambience is something that you can look forward to. The no-fuss grey walls and the wooden furniture add to the overall neat look of the place.

    Global Munchies

    I spent the first five minutes scanning through the menu and one thing I could gauge from the menu was that it had a bit of everything from Mexican {quesadillas} to Italian {pasta, duh!} to Meditteranean {falafel} to Asian {tom yum rice bowl} are what the menu consists of. The Batata Harra {baby potatoes in Lebanese spices} and the My Peri Peri Babycorns were delicious. However, I did not find the baby corns to be spicy as advertised. Also, the Batata quantity should have been a little more. Next up was the Panda’s Pepper pizza. It’s a 6-inch pizza {and not the regular size}. I was disappointed seeing the size, but thankfully I was almost stuffed by the time the pizza was served. It’s a nice pizza and again, it wasn’t spicy as advertised. Thankfully Tabasco sauce and chilli flakes came to the rescue. Talking about the mocktail, I found it quite refreshing.

    So We Are Thinking..

    It’s clear that my idea of spiciness and Euki’s is different. But apart from that little glitch, this is a good place for vegetarian food.

      Jayanagar, Bangalore