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All MG Road And Brigade Road Pubs & Bars May Have To Stop Serving Alcohol Starting July 1

Aakanksha posted on 26 June

Ten-Second Takeaway

Come July 1, you may not get to guzzle interesting cocktails or have a pint of beer at the CBD at all.

Lowering The Bar

Oh no! It’s practically the apocalypse. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s ban on sale of liquor along highways, MG Road and Brigade Road bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs will have to stop serving liquor. Over 100 business in the CBD might lose their license as it’s been recently discovered that though the BBMP maintained good old MG Road, it’s still officially part of National Highway 48.

The ban on selling liquor extends to 500 metres from the highway, which also means that plenty of restaurants and pubs on St Marks Road and Church Street will also need to shut their bars. While LBB isn’t aware of exactly which bars and restaurants will be hit, we figure that the ones smack on or just off MG Road might be in trouble. And that includes WYT, Pecos, Hard Rock Cafe, possibly the new Sherlock’s Pub, The Permit Room, Church Street Social among scores of others.

Just in case they denotify MG Road by June 30, all these places will be back in form and can, if all other criteria is met, renew their licenses. But if not, time to make the most of this one week and hit up these places, show them your love and drink up.

Let’s just hope the situation is fast sorted out. Watch this space for updates…

This story first appeared in The Economic Times.