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It's #InternationalBeerDay: Guzzle Craft Beers At These Microbreweries In Bangalore

    Bangalore’s well-known love for beer has led to a microbrewery boom in the past few years. A recent count tells us that there are as many as 25 (whoa!) microbreweries in the city that are busy serving up their own ales, lagers, and stouts. LBB recommends that you hop, sip, and chug your way to a beer belly at these breweries in town.

    Arbor Brewing Company

    ABC’s beer menu includes the Irish Stout (dark and with hints of coffee and caramel) and the light Raging Elephant (an Indian Pale Ale) that is perfect for a sweltering day. Smooth Criminal, that’s tinged with honey lavender, Phat Abbot, a Belgian ale, and No Parking Pilsner, a flavour-packed German brew, are the other (some are seasonal) favourites. We have more to say about them here.



    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    A big hit with beer lovers in the city, Toit is a mandatory stop when you’re aboard the chug train. Their Basmati Blonde, a pale ale, Tintin Toit, a Belgian brew, and the Dark Knight, a malty ale – are among everyone’s top brews. Plus, their lamb and fig pizza to make this a memorable meal.

    Windmills Craftworks

    Browse through a book or tune into a jazz performance, while sipping on their Golden Ale or Indian Pale Ale. Like something darker? We recommend their Stout. The banana and clove flavoured Hefeweizen is also a winner. Plenty more scoop on them here.

    Byg Brewsky

    Lounge by the tranquil pool as house favourites like Belgian Wit, a light-bodied beer with fruity esters, and the Rauchbier, a robust smoky, beer make their way to you. If you’d like to guzzle something unusual, then, sip on the Golden Ale and the Coffee Stout, that has a distinct flavour to it.

    Punjabi By Nature

    Punjabi By Nature 2.0

    Whitefield, Bangalore

    Wolf down hearty Punjabi fare as you guzzle on their Wheat Beer and Dark Special Roasted, that’s brewed with Czech and German hops along with coffee and caramel flavours.

    Vapour Pub & Brewery

    Vapour Pub & Brewery

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    This hip hotspot’s brewery churns out Ales, Blondes, and dark beers but it is their wheat and basmati versions that have guzzlers swooning.

    Big Pitcher

    Big Pitcher

    Kodihalli, Bangalore

    Get your fix of craft brews at this happening nightspot. Among the light beers, you can try the Kingslayer, Adjust Maadi and the Sarava. For the dark beer lovers there’s the Hop Witch and Endless Darkness.

    Bangalore Brew Works

    Think your beer only gets better when bitter? Then, try their Commercial Stout, a dark ale underlined with caramel, chocolate and coffee flavours. The refreshing notes of the Richmond Ale and the Majestic Wheat, that comes with a touch of spice, are crowd favourites too. Find out more here.

    Prost Brew Pub

    Prost Brew Pub

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    Apart from a special house brew that changes with the season, Prost offers the usual suspects with a twist. There’s Fruit Cider, that’s made with Himalayan apples, and  Bangalore Bolt, that features German wheat, barley, and a sprinkling of spice. Also try the English Ale that’s mixes things up with four different malts.

    Murphy’s Brewhouse

    Tipping its tipsy hat to the Irish, this cosy brewhouse serves patrons favourites like Paddy’s Poison, a light ale that’s topped off with honey, fruity flavours and a dash of bitter hops. There’s also Blackbeard, a dark beer with hints of chocolate and roasted caramel.

    The Biere Club

    The Biere Club

    Ashok Nagar, Chennai

    One of the first to kickstart the brewery boom in the city, The Biere Club serves up a nice mix of aromatic and flavourful ales, crisp lagers, and dark stouts made from roasted malts. Do watch out for their seasonal and club specials that are a worth a try.

    3 Monkeys

    3 Monkeys Brewpub

    C V Raman Nagar, Bangalore

    An extensive craft beer menu greets you at this brewpub. There are ales from Belgium, America, Germany, India, Scotland and even Canada – they’ll have a your world spinning with a few chugs, we reckon.

    Pump House

    The Pump House

    JP Nagar, Bangalore

    The massive space with trees within is always full. Apart from the usual Hefeweizen, Stout, and Wheat beer, they also brew experimental beer (seasonal special in most cases) and use fruit like mango, pineapple, and even jamoon

    Stories Brewchapter

    Touted to be the city's greenest microbrewery, Stories in BTM Layout is a new kid on the block, but getting to 'iconic' status pretty fast. Yes, they have the classics, but for those of you who like interesting beer, try the Lemon Pilsner, and Apple Cider. They're fruity yet beery nice.

    Yellow Submarine

    The Yellow Submarine

    Panduranga Nagar, Bangalore

    A Beatles themed microbrewery, their tagline is "We All Drink At The Yellow Sumbarine", like the song of the same name. Keeping themes, experiments, and the fun alive, their wheat beer, and stout is highly recommended. Come July, they brew "Butterbeer" (yes, like in Harry Potter) with hints of vanilla and caramel in the brew. Through the year, they also brew limited batches of offbeat beer with ingredients of pomegranate, toffee, and honey basil!