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Your Love For Microsoft Paint Saved It! It Will Still Be Available But As Part Of The Windows Store

Aakanksha posted on 25 July

After 32 years of being possibly the first platform of art for artists in the digital ages, Microsoft has decided not to include the iconic Paint app, as part of the Windows package, on July 24. But, by July 25, practically the whole world was up in arms, and due to the outpour of the simple design app, Microsoft announced that they will be retaining the app, except that it will be part of the store, and not in the new update! So yaaaay!

While those with a real talent for design may not be as excited, us noob and design fails are all excited that we will still be able to use it, in collaboration with PowerPoint to help us make those cool creatives {or so we think}, when we’re suddenly called on to become a bit artistic.

So, as a celebration, take a moment {or an entire day}, and make some old-school art. Bring out the geometric shapes tool, the Bucket Fill, the Heal bandage, the kick ass Burn buttons and the all-time favourite Eraser tool. Maybe even make you next birthday invitation in advance, before they pull this stunt again, and who knows, the next time, it may be for real!

This story appeared in The Guardian first. Read the entire article here.