Forgot The Cake For BFF's Birthday? Fear Not, These Midnight Delivery Services Will Rescue You

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We all love celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and occasions with the chiming of the 12 o’clock bell. But sometimes, the one assigned to the role just does not remember and you’re left scrambling for a cake at night and finally, end up with no cake. But that will never be a problem, thanks to these midnight fairies who’ll sort you out with cake delivered to your doorstep.



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Winni has midnight cake delivery options which can bring you the cake or take it straight to the birthday baby {for a fee of INR 350 extra}. You can choose from cakes including Black Forest, plain chocolate, butterscotch and other simple flavours. But we’re eying the Hazelnut Cappuccino, Caramel two-tiers, or even kiwi topped ones. They also have a cake and flower combo to make it that much more special.

Price: INR 599. Delivery is all over Bangalore city.

Check out their website here.


CakeZone also has midnight delivery services at INR 200 extra to the cost of the cake, which has flavours including chocolate truffle, Oreo, Ferrero Rocher version and cupcakes too. If you want to be a bit cheesy, then check out their Kiss Me cake which has lipstick marks on it, or even the heart-shaped option. Unicorn and rainbow cakes are also available if you want something a bit colourful. You could even deliver Easter eggs, brownies and cookies. They deliver between 11pm and 11.59pm, and you can add special instructions on how to deliver it too.

Price: INR 275

Check out their website here.


Warm Oven

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KitKat and Gems, Chocolate Almond, or even Naked red Velvet cakes are on offer at WarmOven for a fee of INR 150 for late or midnight delivery. They even do photo cakes if you really want to up your game. You can go wild with the messages and flavours.Plus chocolate cup cakes to make it special. Apart from this, they even have jar cakes that you can get delivered, but these might not be sent at midnight.

Price: INR 399 upwards.

Find out more here.



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From chocolate chip and vanilla to KitKat, wavy designer cakes and even eggless options, this one is a life saver if you forget all the way till 9pm! They charge INR 200 for the late night deliveries, but if you’re really late to the party, then it may work in your favour. They actually have discounts for those who visit the website on the day you need the cake to be delivered!

Price: INR 650

Get caking here!

Chef Baker's

Chef Baker’s has loads of stores across the city, but they, unfortunately, aren’t open past 10 pm. So if you need a cake delivered later than that, head over to the website to book a cake that is delivered between 11pm and 11.59 pm. The delivery charges amount to INR 200 and cakes include designer ones that can be personalised to suit the birthday baby {think make-up cases, Angry Birds, one for the fitness freak, and even the musician}, or regular options to play it safe. There’s also an option of eggless if you need.

Price: INR 300 upwards

Order now, for the special occasion from their website, here.


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