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Millet To Almond Fudge: This Brand Sells Bite-Sized Stick-To-The-Teeth Brownies

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What Makes It Awesome

Brownies, as mouth watering as they are, can get heavy at times with their overwhelming amounts of sugar and rich doughy textures but… not with this brand around. Ministop Brownies started by Pawan sells some delectable, gooey and zero trans-fat brownies for Bangaloreans perfect for the festive season. Using locally sourced chocolate and high quality butter, the brand does not compromise in its quality of ingredients.

Ministop’s Almond Fudge Brownie is a bestseller that comes with a nutty punch followed by a chocolatey cuddle. They also have a selection of unique options such as the Rum Brownie, coming with a hit of rum in every bite and the Millet Brownie, for a more healthy pick. Their Walnut Brownies are also not far behind with the right blend of sugar and nuts. Their Biscoffed brownie is a new entrant and with chocolate buttons embedded in the brownies, you'll feel as though you're eating a biscuit along with a brwnie. These brownies are bite-sized and come in boxes of nine or 16. Slightly on the pricier side, they go for anywhere around INR 300 - INR 600 per box with assortment options available. Place your orders through their website 12 hours in advance and get the brownies freshly delivered. They deliver throughout Bengaluru.


They have an assortment mix box that comes with an option of two or three type of brownies. Bulk orders (more than 50 boxes) come with different pricing and free delivery.