Get Customised Moulds & Cutters For Your Baking & Soap-Making Needs!

What Makes It Awesome

Molds and Cutters is a brand that makes cutters for soaps and moulds for baking. If you’ve picked up soap making as a hobby and want them in specific shapes and designs, there’s no better place. Of course, you can use it to make other sweets and chocolates too! The only one of its kind in the whole country, they also cater to bakers. For professional chefs and bakers or even home bakers, take your idea of a design and rest assured they will get it made for you. All the moulds and cutters are completely handmade. If it’s your little one’s birthday and you want a cookie mould with her or his initials on it, the founder Geetha Velapil will make sure the pattern is perfected to the T. Feel free to reach out to them if you want to know what designs the moulds are already available in.

What Could Be Better

Molds and Cutters does not have a physical outlet and the moulds are made out of the founder’s house.

How Much Did It Cost

₹1000 - ₹3000

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