Want To Eat Home Food? This Service Delivers Lunch And Dinner, Just Like Mum Makes, For INR 50


    If you are too busy {or lazy} too cook yourself homely and healthy food, Mom’s Food, a home-run food delivery service, will sort out your meals.

    Taste Of Home

    Operating out of their home in HSR, an inspiring couple have taken on the task of feeding too-busy-to-cook folks, a wholesome meal, made from scratch. Delivering in the HSR area, or wherever Dunzo will go, Mom’s Food is quite literally that. Food just like your mother makes. The menu is rotational, so don’t worry about getting the same food daily.  It’s nothing fancy, and your meal will arrive in a plastic food box, so you can eat straight out of it. We opted for a non-vegetarian meal, and it didn’t disappoint. 

    Combo Meals

    A large portion of rice, two rotis {more like chappatis}, dal, chicken curry, a veggie and a salad. We loved the dal, spicy and great with the rice. The chicken was spicy, and worked nicely with the rotis too. Salad was a regular green salad, and ideal to get that extra dose of healthy food. Don’t expect fancy stuff from Mom’s Food. It really is very homely, but at INR 85 for the entire combo, you shouldn’t be vying for more. If this is all too much, then pick the combos with fewer dishes. There’s even lovely stuff for vegetarians — be it paneer or other sabjis. Rajma Chawal fans, fear not, that’s on the menu too. So much better than piling on the calories, wasting money and then eating food that doesn’t taste very good.

    Price: INR 50 upwards

    Contact: Text on WhatsApp for place your order on 9066916983.