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These Mood Pills Will Lift Your Spirits One Chocolate Capsule At A Time!

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What Makes It Awesome

No matter what your mood, Chef Vinesh Johny has a pill for you. And to be clear, it's a chocolate pill. Taking up the challenge of elevating chocolate to something that can change your mood (and we need no convincing!), the popular chef and co-founder of Lavonne Academy & Cafe has officially launched Mood Pills. No, really! He’s created a curated selection of chocolates that are crafted into what looks like large pills, each filled with a custom-built flavour profile to engage the five senses. 

Now we’ve always looked to chocolate to make things OK, so this validated our hypothesis. Head off to Lavonne on St Marks Road to fill your prescription. The bright and yellow Joy Pill oozes cocoa nibs, berry crunch and red fruit ganache while the pale blue Chill Pill has green tea ganache and cherry marshmallow fig. If you’re looking to spice things up with the Love Pill, expect strawberry confit and crunch with olive oil ganache. Lime gel, cream cheese and blueberry crunch make up the Bold Pill, and if it’s luck you’re after, have the golden Luck Pill -- hazelnut ganache and passionfruit gel. While all of these hit the right spots, our top favourite for flavour as well as serving its function was the Go Pill. Loaded with coffee ganache and quinoa and toffee crunch, this green pill have us a proper wake up with a crunchy and gooey texture all at once. 

While we may not eat them every day, these “pills” certainly are mood lifters and when you bite into them, you’ll definitely have a positive reaction. So next time you’re a bit stressed, and someone tells you to take a Chill Pill, go on, do as they say! Have one that is filled with ganache!