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Moyra In Kalyan Nagar Is Your Sweet Spot For Bengali Mishti

Amrita posted on 17th August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Lovers of Bengali sweets and Mishti Doi, take note. Moyra – The Sweet Maker is here to satiate your sweet and some savoury cravings, with a special focus on rural sweets from Bengal.

Chow Down

Singhara {Bengali samosa}, Lobongo Lotika, Mihi Dana, Goja and Mishti Doi

Sip On

Just water.

Winning For

The lovely, hot Singharas. Plus, the selection of Bengali sweets is pretty good {take this Bengali’s word for it}.

Lowdown On The Ambience

There is no ambience really. Just eat your food, pack some more and get going. There is a just a bay where all the sweets are stacked up and not even a chair to sit down and take moment. We suggest parceling your sweet treats for home.

What’s On The Menu?

It’s not often you hear of a new Bengali mistir dokan in the city apart from the usual KC Das and The Bancharams. So imagine this Bengali’s excitement when an email landed in my inbox about a new place in Kalyan Nagar called Moyra {Bengali for sweet maker}. I, of course, planned my evening round it and landed up. A cane basket sitting on the counter intrigued me, and I discovered it was full of piping hot Singharas or samosas. I immediately ate one, no actually two. The outer shell was flaky and fried in ghee {trust me, this is a good thing} and the stuffing was full of spicy potatoes and peanuts. It was love at first bite.

Apart from rosogollas and sandesh, we packed sweets that are rare outside of Bengal such as Lobongo Lotikas, a sweet syrupy parcel with thick kheer stuff into it and sealed with a clove {see Featured image}, Gojas, a deep fried layered flour creation dunked in sugar syrup, mihidana, really fine, minuscule boondis {usually available post Durga Puja} and an earthen pot of mishti doi. The Lobongo Lotika was delicate and delicious. So was the Goja which took me straight back to my childhood. The Mihi Dana, was again excellent and the Mishti Doi was creamy and rich without that hideous top layer of dalda usually used to set the dahi.

So, We’re Thinking…

Let’s just hope the folks at Moyra set up some sort of delivery service soon or open a branch in other parts of the city. Currently they don’t. Trekking all the way to Kalyan Nagar might seem like a task, but if you are around, do make a dessert pit stop there.


Head over here for breakfast during weekends, where you can tuck into Bengali style Hinger Kochuri {kachori flavoured with asafoetida} or Radha Ballavi {puris stuffed with chana dal} and served with a potato subzi.

Where: 502, CMR Road, 5th A Main Road, HRBR Layout, 2nd Block, Kalyana Nagar

Price: INR 10 upwards

Contact: +91 7829152414, +91 9731700243

Timings: 9am-9pm

Find Moyra on Facebook here.

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Kalyan nagar

502, 5th A Main Road, HRBR Layout, 2nd Block, Kumara Park West, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru


Kalyan nagar
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