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Packed With Grains & Seeds These Noods Are Good For You!

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Naturally Yours

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What Makes It Awesome

We’re going to make a bold statement, and you are most likely to agree. The whole world loves noodles and pasta. It’s true! This is one food we are all eternally grateful for. Noodles can be enjoyed in a million different ways: in soup, fried, with all kinds of meats, seafood and veggies! With the invention of instant noods, things became all the more convenient!

 We are recommending Naturally Yours for their awesome range of noodles. We’re sure you're familiar with how instant noodles brands were notorious for slipping in things like MSG and other preservatives. No, you don’t have to give up eating regular noodles, but you might after reading this. Naturally Yours makes multigrain and gluten-free noodles that taste equally delicious. Think Soya Noodles,  Quinoa, Buckwheat, Multi Millet or even Red Rice! Best part? They each come with a delicious seasoning mix, so they work like instant noodles. Easy to cook (about 5 minutes) and easier to lap up! Besides, these noodles are protein rich, high in iron and calcium and are absolutely devoid of any kind of preservatives, artificial flavours, colours and MSG.

We are most pumped about their gluten-free pasta range (where are our celiac buddies at?). Naturally Yours has some wicked good options like Multigrain, Quinoa, Red Lentil, Chickpea and the best of ‘em all,  Black Rice and Chia Pasta. These have also been processed in a gluten-free environment, so no worries there and can be cooked and enjoyed al dente, if you please.


No, the prices aren’t exorbitant. They start at INR 140 for 200 gms and you can buy them in packs of three and six too. We cannot wait to order on Shop On LBB and cook up a nood feast!