Home Style Prawn Curry, Mushroom Xacuti, And Chorizo Chilly At Goa’s Popular Mum’s Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome

One of Panjim’s finest, Mum’s Kitchen has won customer votes by serving up Goan delicacies that taste just like mommy dearest would have churned them out. Did you know Mum's Kitchen Is featured on Essence Of Asia's list as a part of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants in 2021? It's one of the six restaurants features on this list of top restaurants in Asia that according to The Worlds 50 Best website "represent authenticity, culinary culture and community focus".

On the spiffier side, this is the perfect place for a meal with your family or for a date. The rustic touch shines through in their decor and in their food. Their wine selection and impeccable service. While on a busy arterial road in Panjim, Mum’s Kitchen comes enclosed in a verdant setting that includes a fish pond. Inside, amidst all the modern lights and seating you’ll spot earthen walls stacked with pots, age-old stone grinders, and copper utensils. Mum’s Kitchen is an initiative to preserve traditional Goan cuisine. So, the menu is actually a collection of recipes from households from all around the State and have been contributed by the best chefs in the world – mums of course!

Start off your meal here with a plate of their poi (Goan bread). They are made right here in the restaurant’s busy kitchens. And they are pillowy and simply melt in your mouth, especially, if you slather on the butter. While these can be eaten plain, you can lap these up with servings of their fiery Pork Vindaloo (they have an equally delicious chicken version as well).

Since they are striving for authenticity here, the food is pretty spicy. So, if you’d like them to dial down the heat, just ask them and they’ll customise it according to your tastes. While the vegetarians aren’t spoilt for choice here, the Almeachim (Mushroom) Xacuti is worth digging into. The slices of tender mushroom stand enriched thanks to the coconut and spice gravy it comes in.

You can’t go wrong with the Prawn Curry either. Choose the King Prawns in Curry with bimblis (a sour fruit that’s commonly used in this cuisine). The bimblis give the curry a tanginess that will have your tongue tingling in no time. The underlying freshness of the prawns cut through the spiciness of the curry as well. This comes with a generous serving of rice. But if you’d like to build on this dish, the, Chorizo Chilly won’t disappoint. Tangy sausages come tossed in bell peppers that add crunch to the dish. You can finish up with plates of their luscious caramel custard or the traditional Bebinca. Both excellent choices!


They have a fabulous selection of wines apart from a well-stocked bar. Since this is one of the best-known places to eat in Central Goa, a reservation is well-warranted during peak season. Also, this is a fine-dine restaurant the prices match the poshness.