Guilt-Free Snacking With Almond Thins, Protein Bars And Cookies From This Brand

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Flat Tummies

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What Makes It Awesome?

We all snack. And if you are like me, then you'd be snacking all the time and on all kinds of junk food. Well, not any more thanks to Flat Tummies (branding on point) and their range of snackable such as protein, vitamin, and fibre bars, and cookies. These snacks are all-natural and use natural sweeteners (those watching your sugar intake, take note). Their bars come in flavours such as cocoa, fresh orange, and mixed fruit. They are completely gluten-free and vegan!

Sounds good to anyone who's on a diet or trying to get rid of their unhealthy snacking habits. Of course, they are tasty too as it comes with almonds, and flax, chia and pumpkin seeds along with cocoa, peanuts, dates, raisins, and coconut sugar. If protein bars aren't your thing, they also do almond and flax seed jam cookies and millet cookies in coffee and chocolate flavours. Now that's something I can get behind and munch on and not have my boss tell me that I eat too much junk. It's vegan and gluten-free too! End things on a sweet note with the brand's gluten-free millet cookie melts that come in chocolate and coffee flavours.

They also have a gluten-free salmon thins that contain 90 per cent almonds. Perfect afternoon snack!

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