Hidden In Plain Sight: Check Out This Quiet Tibetan Colony Near Hubli

    Roshni posted on 12 January


    Known as India’s Mini-Tibet, visit this little town to see its many monasteries, eat traditional Tibetan food and get a glimpse of an ancient culture, relatively undisturbed. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Tucked away among the low hills and paddy fields on the route from Hubli to Sirsi is a tiny, unassuming Tibetan town called Mundgod. Once in Hubli, take a bus from the KRSTC bus stand, or book a cab and you will reach there in about an hour and a half. As you enter the town, you will see monks clad in maroon robes, small shops selling delicate china and clothing, and restaurants that serve traditional Tibetan food.

    Take a stroll through the quiet town and explore the seven sprawling monasteries with their ornate prayer halls and intricately sculpted mandalas. The most famous is the Gaden Jangtse Monastic College, a replica of Tibet’s 500-year-old Doeguling Monastic University, which was destroyed by the Chinese in 1959. Thousands of monks pursue their theological studies here, and if you’re lucky, you can see them in prayer, chanting hymns.

    When you feel hungry, you can go down to a restaurant and indulge in your choice of yummy momos and thukpa. On your way back, do check out the little shops that sell souvenirs and home decor products. While they say the prices are fixed, you can always bargain and get a better deal!


    Since there is no accommodation within Mundgod, it’s best to book a hotel in Hubli or head to Goa, which is just 4 hours (196 kms) away.

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