Come Weekend, Escape To This Homestay In Chikmagalur That's Next To The Muthodi Forest

    What Makes It Awesome

    Greens, green, and plenty more green — that’s what you get at this homestay. And that’s enough to get you detoxed from the city life even if you are staying over for the weekend. The homestay is done up in a contemporary style with wooden furniture neatly dotting the space. The diwan in the living room looks like a spot where you could unwind with your book or music, and it comes furnished with bookshelves, dining tables and whatnot. Bedrooms are minimally furnished, ensuite, and offer a view of the garden. Single rooms and dorms are the norm at this homestay with the single rooms suitable for two. An extra bed can be arranged should the need arise. 

    The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is nearby and is home to a substantial population of real-life Hobbes— the majestic tiger. Spotting these creatures purely depends on the season, but hey, the Sanctuary is a perfect spot to get you all excited about bringing your DSLR along. The Bhadra River flows through the Sanctuary, so be sure to ask your guide to stop and spend a few minutes there. If not the tiger, you might spot wild boars, deer of many kinds (we hear there’s barking deer, spotted deer, and mouse deer in these parts), sloths (our spirit animal basically), langurs, and the like. Plenty for the budding ornithologist as well, because the reserve is home to peacocks to the Great Black Woodpecker and Great Horned Owl to Indian Tree Pie. Oh, and if you are spending quite a bit of time in Chikmagalur, you can check out our top five things to do here.