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Myntra’s New Roadster Go Store Is Now In Vega City And It Is All Digital


Myntra’s Roadster Go, the brand’s largest store was launched this week at Vega City, Bannerghatta Road. And it is assisted by cutting-edge technological innovations making the whole shopping experience smarter, faster and seamless.

What Makes It Awesome

It’s all about fashion and customer experience for Roadster. They have gone all out with their latest flagship store spread across 3200 sq ft at Vega City mall on Bannerghatta Road. The store creates a unique experience for their shoppers by leveraging some of the most advanced technologies in the retail space, such as the RFID equipped screens, that take offline shopping to a whole new level. If you like a pair of pants, just hold it up against one of the screens to get all specifications like, size, colour, fit, material and suitability to body type. Not just that, you can now buy everything in the store at real-time. All you have to do is place your products in the RFID tray, the screen will display products and allows you to do the payment, all under 30 seconds.

So… We’re Saying

Go experience Roadster’s hi-tech fashion, omni channel experience at Vega City, today. Of course, get yourself some Roadster fashion.

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Vega City, Srinivas Industrial Estate 172/1, BTM Layout, Bengaluru