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The Big Reveal Behind the Spate of "Mohan Kaun" Graffiti Around Town is here

    Chickpet, Bangalore

    Ten-second takeaway

    Meet Mohan {a century-old building in Chickpet} and listen to his story through art installations.

    Tall tales 

    If you, like us, have come across a bunch of "Mohan Kaun" graffiti around the city and wondered what they {or for that matter Mohan} were/was all about, we have the answer. Imagine a century-old building telling you its story, recounting tales of the generations that have lived in it and more. That is exactly what Myself Mohan 1909 is all about {yes, it's about a building called Mohan}. An initiative by Klatsch, a city-based group of artists who try to reactivate unused public spaces through interactive art, which involved two months of research. The event draws attention to the practice of abandoning heritage structures and attempts to create a sense of attachment with buildings. The project also received a grant under Project 560, 2015 {an India Foundation for the Arts initiative}.

    Stories through art 

    Located in Chickpete, the structure was originally built as an iconic family house, later renamed to Ahmed Building and finally, got its present moniker - Mohan Building - a few decades ago. If you want to know more, we suggest you take a walk through the huge structure this weekend, observing its lifestory through mixed media installations {everything from light, sound and projections to woodwork and metalwork}. For instance, a unique shadow lamp formation gives you a 360 degree experience of the building's patterns. For interesting tidbits of information and details, opt for the guided walk on Sunday {starts from State Bank of Mysore, Avenue Road}.

    Where: Mohan Building, Chickpet

    When: Friday, December 11 to Sunday, December 13, 11am-7pm {Guided walks on Sunday, December 13, noon and 4pm}

    Contact: +91 9923109852

    Find the event on Facebook here.

    Find Klatsch on Facebook here.

    Featured image via: Rahul Gudipudi

      Chickpet, Bangalore