Stranger Things To Harry Potter: Can You Solve These Mysteries And Break Out In 60 Minutes?


    Love playing detective? Well, there’s a new escape room in town with all kinds of mysteries for you to solve, inspired by everything from  Stranger Things to Star Wars and Harry Potter.

    Get A Clue

    Live out your Sherlock Holmes fantasies at the newest escape room in the city and say hello to Mystery Junkies. A franchise of the original that stands in Koramangala, Mystery Junkies 2.0 is in the buzzing New BEL neighbourhood {M.S Ramaiah peeps, are you listening?} and has five brand new challenges and escape rooms for you to break out of. The best part is that all of the rooms are inspired by some of our favourite movies and TV shows. Yep! They’ve got rooms inspired by Stranger Things, Harry Potter, Unstoppable and a Star Wars themed room too.

    Being the massive Potterheads we are, we picked The University of Witchcraft And Wizardry challenge and went in pretty confident in our clue-sniffing skills. But boy did we underestimate how difficult our escape would be. Nonetheless, we did emerge victoriously, but it took plenty of teamwork and thinking and we made it out in the nick of time. A complete blast, we had loads of fun finding clues in Harry’s magical world, and those 60 minutes completely breezed past us. We would go into more detail of how we cracked this escape route, but we’re not one for spoilers. You need to try this out for yourselves, we think. All we’ll say is we can’t wait to try all the other challenges next.

    Make It Or Break It

    What’s cool about Mystery Junkies is that every live escape room is designed in-house from scratch. Which means these are all brand new and you’ve never come across any of these challenges before. Plus, you can’t find any cheat codes online. Perfect for groups, bring your squad to this one, as you’re all bound to have a good time. It’s fun with work buddies and fam jams too, and they’ll work out a deal if you’re in a big group. Ramiah folks, this is a guaranteed stress-buster from all your college assignment and exams, so do check it out. And let us know if you made it through any of their challenges. Until then, bragging rights remain with us.