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Meat Lovers! An 8-Foot Banana Leaf Loaded With Over 20 Dishes Awaits You At This Eatery Near Salem

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Make a pilgrimage to UBM Namma Veetu Saappaadu, in Tamil Nadu’s Perundurai, to fill up on an unlimited, banana leaf that brims over with meaty delights. This is one road trip that’ll make your tummy very happy!

Bring On The Meat!

Located between Coimbatore and Salem {around 275 kilometres from Bangalore}, the tiny town of Perundurai, has been made famous thanks to humble eatery run by a farmer. Every day, R Karunaivel and his wife Swarnalakshmi, open their home and an adjoining restaurant-like set up to hundreds of hungry locals and also visitors from Bangalore and Chennai, who swing by this famous joint for an unbelievable meal.

UBM {the initials of the couple’s children} Namma Veetu Saappaadu celebrates Kongu Nadu cuisine and is a showcase of the region’s food diversity. When you find your way here {the owner recommends that you make a reservation at least two days in advance}, you’ll notice the warm hospitality first and the 8-foot long banana leaf that will serve as your plate for the rest of the afternoon.

Meals Ready

The sheer size of the banana leaf should give you an inkling that this is no ordinary meal. Once you’ve rolled up your sleeves, the food starts piling up on the leaf. Of course, there’s the basic steamed rice paired with sambhar or rasam {these are among the few vegetarian offerings} but we recommend you concentrate on the side dishes.

The owners {who are strict vegetarians} here believe that an animal is a precious resource so not much is wasted. Apart from the regular mutton and chicken curries, you are also served Blood Poriyal, mutton liver spiced up with pepper, Thale Mamsa {curry prepared from a goat’s head}, and brain. Seafood too is a speciality here and we highly recommend the tangy fish curry they have on offer. Of course, eating 20 dishes is a lot but if you are up for it they’ll gladly serve you round two or three or four. All of this comes at a mere INR 550 per person!

Written with inputs from Devesh Agarwal.