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We Are Saying 'In Ramen, We Amen' At This 'Noodle Bar' In Town


    What Makes It Awesome

    Before you get all excited (but by all means do get excited) this noodle bar is not a physical shop (oh how we wish it were, but let's not digress), but rather a cloud kitchen by the ex-culinary head of Toit and The Permit Room, Kavan Kuttappa. Naru Noodle Bar, as he's calling his noodle project grown out of his love for ramen and Japan, is a ramen delivery service in Bangalore where each week, there's new ramen for you to try out. From Spicy Tori Paitan to Green Chili Miso and a Yuzu Hazelnut Tantanmen to Shoyu Ramen, vegetarians, vegans, and meat lovers all get ramen. 

    We tried the Spicy Tori Paitan -- spicy ramen served with a creamy chicken broth, homemade Temomi curly noodles, chicken chashu, ajitama (ramen egg), and toppings. We had fun assembling the kit -- almost made us feel like we were in a ramen shop in Japan. And of course, we downed the whole bowl in less than 20 minutes. Left us feeling happy and lazy on a Sunday afternoon. Oh, and we say assembling because you get a ramen kit that you need to put together (heat the broth-cook the noodles types) with proper instructions given in a video -- there's a QR code you get with the kit for you to scan and watch the video. 

    Naru also does monthly pop-ups in Bangalore and the three pop-ups so far have happened at The Courtyard in Shanti Nagar. We attended the first and the third one and needless to say, the whole place is set up to resemble a Japanese ramen bar complete with over the counter ramen set up. We had the Iekei Ramen at one of the pop-ups, a pork tonkotsu and shoyu broth which is popular ramen in Japan that marries Hakata style Tonkotsu and Tokyo style shoyu broths. 


    To order, you need to follow Naru Noodle Bar on Instagram (@eatnaru). Every Wednesday, Chef Kavan puts up the week's ramen with pre-orders taken on Thursday via AirMenus and delivery on Sunday.