Turn Bathing Into An Experience With Bathing Bars From This Online Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Washing with soap and water is now more important than ever, and a good soap is pretty key in that. The Bonsai Soap Company based out of Bangalore is taking the soap game to the next level. Creating artisan soap with all natural ingredients, their soaps are super moisturising without making your skin oily. Using high quality ingredients like shea butter, goats’ milk, aloe vera, or charcoal, among others, you can get either a clear or opaque soap. 

Their focus is to make bathing a luxurious experience, indulging as many senses as possible, making aromatherapy something they incorporate into the soaps, apart from natural infusions. With scents like Pure Lily, White Flower, Green Apple, and other fruit based scents, trust us when we say that a hot shower with one of these soaps will be an experience. 

Another really cool thing they do is BYOS (build your own soap) where you choose the base, essential oil and fragrance. Once that’s done, it's a minimum of three bars per order (it’s fully customised, and there’s no worry of the bar finishing too soon, no complaints here!). For the summer, we’d make a honey (base), lemon (essential oil), citrus (fragrance) bar for an energising shower. For cooler months, a shea butter, jojoba oil, and apple apricot bar for extra moisture. Prices depend on the soaps made, and the time between order placed and delivery is a week. You can place your order on Instagram or their website. 


They also have seasonal soaps. For instance, during summers, mango features heavily, and Christmas sees scents like cinnamon and pine. 


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