Ten-second takeaway

Homemade sauces, dips, jams and preserves {with a naughty splash of alcohol} from Nature In A Bottle can perk up any breakfast meal or snack time.

In a fine jam

Former engineer Hema Mahesh makes jams and preserves with fresh fruits. Jams, which are not processed and are preservative-free. A hint of spice {think chipotle or jalapeños}, a splash of alcohol {rum and whiskey for instance} and you have Hema’s signature range of condiments.

Taste test


A box of jams and dips arrived for us in what Hema calls her “The Jam Book”. A sleek black package, designed to resemble a beautiful tome, opened up to reveal three kinds of jams and dips: the Plum and Rum Jam, an Orange Marmalade with Whiskey Jam and a Chipotle Salsa. The jar of marmalade unfortunately broke in transit, but not before we spotted slices of orange swimming in a sticky and sweet whiskey-laced affair {we of course had to taste it before discarding the jar}.

The plum jam was sweet but potent thanks to the liberal addition of rum which gave the jam an extra kick of rich sweetness. Slathered on buttered toast or slices of tea cake, the plum jam made our breakfast rather special. We would imagine the chunky plum sauce to be a great pie filling too. The salsa came with overtones of smoked peppers but wasn’t blindingly spicy either. A hit of sweetness made it the perfect dip for everything from samosas to even crackers.

Christmas specials

Nature In A Bottle’s Christmas specials this year includes a Salted Caramel {yum!} sauce, a Christmas sauce made with cranberries and plums cooked in red wine and spices, perfect to go with turkey, ham or roast chicken this festive season. Nature In A Bottle is also offering Christmas gift baskets with an assortment of jams, pickles, marinades, cordials and cookie jars. We would also love to try their range of pickled olives and prunes, and their bell pepper dip.

Contact: Call Hema on +91 9036430733 to order or order on the Nature in a Bottle Facebook page.

Price: INR 140-290 for a 190 gram bottle

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