Navrang’s Customised Block Printing And Dyeing Will Make You Want To DIY

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Want to add a spot of colour to a  plain saree or dupatta? Head to Navrang Dyeing and Printing on Ebrahim Sahib Street. Here, they use block, screen, and digital prints along with dyeing techniques to give your fabric new life, all on a budget.

Designer Prints

If you regularly buy fabrics and sarees, you probably count Mysore Silk Udyog, Saboo Collections, Varsidhi, and Fazal’s as your top shopping destinations in the city. Well, we are letting you a major secret here. These top-end stores and designers, in the city, head to Navrang Dyeing and Printing, on Ebrahim Sahib Street, for all their printing needs. Since 1999, brothers, Asim and Shameer Khan have offered fabric lovers an opportunity to come by and create their own customised fabric at their workshop. They use traditional techniques like screen and block printing as well as numerous dyeing techniques. And in keeping up with modern technology, there’s digital printing too.

DIY Destination

The best part about Navrang is that you can be as involved as you want in the customisation process. When we visited the workshop, we spotted clients closely consulting with the artists there to get what they want. Their big, fat catalogue in-house, also offers lovely designs to choose from. Another plus is that the service is really friendly. If you are struggling with what you want, then, the printers happily step in with their suggestions. And even help mix and match a few designs to create something unique. Bring in your design template and they’ll recreate it for you. Do note that traditional printing techniques are only possible on pure fabrics {like pure cotton and silks}. So, if you don’t know where to source them, don’t worry, Navrang will do that as well for you. Basically, you can walk in empty handed and walk out with a gorgeous, complete saree or table cloth or curtain.

Dye Central

Another popular service here is the dyeing and a variety of techniques that you can choose from. Tie-n-dye has many takers and so does the Japanese-dyeing technique of Shibori. They are also into saree polishing . So, if you want to add a bit of shine to your mom’s old Kanjeevaram, this is the place. Prices are very budget friendly. A single-colour block print for a saree might set you back only by INR 400. However, if you are expecting organic prints and dyes to be used, you will need to look elsewhere. Delivery for single orders can be done in a day or two.

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