Need Cutsy Indoor Plants To Add To Your Decor? This Is The Brand For You

What Makes It Awesome?

In today's world of ever changing or rather depleting landscape, we all earn for a touch of green in our own homes and offices to give us a little of a breather. Iota does just that. It is a brand working towards sustainable solutions for gardening, with a special focus on succulents. Specially handpicked from the botanicals of Ooty, these premium succulents are beautiful and easy to maintain. They are just the perfect solution to adorn your window sills and work desks. An architect by profession with a masters degrees from Milan, its surprising to see Priyanka follow her passion for plantations with such vigour. " I always wanted to have my own nursery" she confesses with a beaming smile. Her planters have a unique style of only using stones. Currently, they have Pots of black basalt stone, pink sandstone, soapstone and marble; and are looking to expand to a cinder. In the ever-growing market of using fancy artsy planters, iota is a brand that is sticking to the true essence of nature, using locally available materials with the help of traditional artisans who are specialized in stone carving. Wild cacti and succulents grow in the rocky substrate, with a need for the minimal quantity of soil, a lot of ventilation for the roots and the support from the texture of a rock, combining these aspects with the advancement in agricultural methods is the science behind Iota'a soilless cultivation techniques. Their air plant holders are a charm. Also, those of you who travel a lot or are too busy with work, iota has taken special care to ease your job to doing next to nothing, they also give you a care card. They are also looking to expand into launching a series of cacti and succulents themed bookmarks, paintings, mugs, clothing etc by the end of this year. So, this summer, don't just complain about the heat, add a touch of green to your spaces and see the world of difference. P.S - They provide customized solutions to interior and exterior gardening, with unique ideas combining both landscape and design technical know how. They specialise in vertical gardens and integration of indoor plants to your interior spaces.