Neem, Charcoal, And Aloe Vera - This Organic Beauty Brand Will Gently Care For Your Skin

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What Makes It Awesome

Nothing will replace a good skincare regimen, and Greenberry Organics will get you started and have you giving yourself the best skin and hair with their products. Using fully natural ingredients, the products are eco-friendly, paraben and sulfate free, and cruelty free too among other things, you know it’s good for you. Their basic philosophy is that if the ingredients aren’t good enough for consumption, they’re not good enough for application. 

For basics, they have shower gels, body lotions, and bathing bars. For something refreshing, try the Activated Charcoal Tea Tree, and Spearmint Oil body washes. Need something more calming? The Sandalwood and Mint Oil body wash. They have a bunch of essential oils to add to your bath, apply to your face, or to add to your routine in general. They have jojoba oil, tea tree (great for acne and dandruff) oil, coconut oil and castor oil. 

Their cleansers and toners are formulated specifically to be moisturising, some of which are infused with vitamin C. They also have an extensive range of sun protection -- sunscreen, aloe vera gel (post sun exposure), scrubs for tan removal, and even night lotion to make sure there isn’t too much skin damage. Prices range from INR 150, and with their limited inventory almost always being sold out, you’d best add something to cart now. 


They also curate exclusive sets, you can get a holistic care package soon from start to finish.