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SpongeBob To Cherry Blossom, This Brand Will Give Your Shoes A Hand-Painted Makeover

NEKO Handcrafted Accessories


If you’re looking for some pumped up kicks, look no further than Neko Handcrafted Accessories. The brand offers to hand paint your kicks, just how you want them. They also make other cutesy handmade accessories.

Pimp My Kicks

A cool pair of sneakers is a must-have in every shoe collection. As slick as your white Vans or Converse All Stars are, we think you should take a quirkier route and opt for entirely customised hand-painted shoes instead to really stand out. And we know just who you should hit up to get them done. Neko Handcrafted Accessories is a two-year-old brand that’s run by Kavya S, a budding artist in the city. With an entirely handcrafted line of merch, her made-to-order handpainted canvas shoes are what really stood out to us. From pop-culture themes like her Minion, SpongeBob and Gotham city inspired kicks to cutesy hearts, bananas and cherry blossom branches, Kavya can get it all done. Kavya works on canvas slip-on and lace-up shoes too, with prices starting at INR 999 and INR 1,450 respectively if you’re buying the brand’s shoes as well. You can get your own pair of shoes painted on too, for INR 800 to INR 1,000. The more elaborate your design the higher the price. We love the Batman and Gotham City skyline pair, as well as the cutesy Eiffel Tower, with hearts, as a tribute to Paris, the city of love. They also do patterns across the entire shoe, or even fruits or florals, for that pop of colour. Their shoes are entirely made-to-order, so drop them a message on Facebook here to get a pair of customised and hand-painted.

Accessories Too!

Neko also does handcrafted accessories like hairpins, hairbands, clips and bows {including bowties for your pets} too. We’re loving her range of pearl and metallic hair accessories in intricate floral patterns. The prices range between INR 100 and INR 500, so they’re easy on the pocket as well. Neko Handcrafted Accessories pops up at flea markets and exhibitions happening in the city, so make sure you catch them at the next one by keeping up with their whereabouts and following them here. You can also buy their stuff online from here, or place orders through their Facebook page itself.

NEKO Handcrafted Accessories