Shake, It Stir It, Drink It - This Brand's Bar Accessories Are All You Need


    What Makes It Awesome

    Remember Nestroots? The last time you might have seen them here would’ve been for their awesome, fun, reversible masks (go and read it, we’ll wait). Now we’re here to tell you about another absolutely necessary range of products now that we’re home more often - their awesome bar accessories. 

    The decor brand’s most basic options include copper tumblers, beer mugs (both in silver and copper finish), as well as a slick stainless steel martini glass. It’s bound to add some future ready chromium vibes to your bar. Now if you’re looking for all the frills, thrills, and accessories that require skills when it comes to mixing up a mean drink, they have options to impress the recipient of said drink. Feel free to pick up their cocktail shaker in a silver, copper, or gold finish, at INR 1195. 

    For all the trimmings, shaking, and stirring, choose from one of two accessories sets. Available with four pieces the Bartools Accessories (INR 2695) set comes with a bottle opener, measurer, tongs, and a knife. All of these can be hung on their sleek and minimalist stand. The other (INR 1895) option comes with a strainer, measurer, opener, and stirrer. All of these are made of stainless steel, and if you don’t want the whole set, you can pick up individual components (starting 595) as well. And if your bar needs no more tools, there’s always the classy wine rack (holds six)! And it’s all available on LBB Shop.