Culture Vulture Time With These New Communities and Venues


    The year is ending and with that comes a bucket list of things that you need to do before it’s 2020. One such bucket list is how many new venues and culture spots you have hit this year. Bangalore is a hub of culture and what better way to show for it than the new community groups and venue spaces that have opened up in 2019. With places like Bangalore International Centre that now cater to a variety of events and communities, these are our favourite cultural spots along with some communities who are bringing something new to the table.

    House Of Mirrah

    House Of Mirrah is a company that lets you come close to nature and art through unique experiences that are engaging and interactive by seeing, doing and learning art. Reminding you to pause and appreciate the beauty in everything around us, the folks here have three different art tours that let you explore the beauty in structures and the city at your own pace. With costs per walk starting at INR 750, get in touch with them on +91 98868 02908.

    Doors Open

    Doors Open will give you access to hot spots in the city that you would not otherwise be able to visit. The walks by Doors Open show you heritage institutes and historically significant buildings in Namma Bengaluru. If you want to check out Bangalore Club and secret cultural venues in town, the folks here will show you around and even give you insider information. Spend a Sunday learning fun trivia about your city. With walks starting at INR 800 per person, get in touch with them on +91 9611758190.

    Around Bangalore City

    Around Bangalore City

    Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

    If you’re tired of the pubs and breweries and want to explore the other bits of Bangalore, check out Around Bangalore City. Showing you the beauty that exists around the suburbs that are filled with lakes, dams, hills, treks, farms and caves to help you enjoy the refreshing change from the busy city life. You can even opt to attend a guided tour of some of the most scenic old Bangalore houses that will add culture to your life. The prices per trip differ so to know what is happening next, call on +91 96209 48312.

    BLR Flux

    BLR Flux

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    BLR Flux is a new community space for collaborative performances that is adding to the culture and charm of Indiranagar. Whether it’s film, dance, photography or even fine arts, the folks running the space will definitely have something for you. Be it workshops or an exhibition space for you to present your work, you can even check out the space for fun events like improv. The classes here are charged differently so follow their social media to know what's happening and how much it costs.

    The Blue Room

    The Blue Room

    Jayanagar, Bangalore

    If you’re a musician looking for a space to perform in the city, check out The Blue Room in Jayanagar. A multi-use space for creative arts and culture, you can avail private music lessons to rhythm workshops. The founder of the venue hopes that the venue is used for softer music like jazz and the blues. From Sofar gigs to House Music concerts, a lot of live and acoustic sessions are hosted here. Follow their social media to know what's happening next.

    The Secret Grove

    The Secret Grove in Yelahanka is an open-air space that makes for a great venue to host a variety of events. Surrounded by mango trees and an open-air theatre, it’s ideal for theatre, stand-up comedy, dance and music performances. There are pop-ups and flea markets that happen here frequently. Call them on +91 96060 65522 to know what's happening there next.

    Bangalore International Centre

    Bangalore International Centre is a non-profit donor enabled public institution in Domlur for Bangaloreans. A space created to facilitate an open dialogue and to stimulate the senses, the events hosted here are mostly free and revolve around topics like culture and gender. Using mediums like film screenings, performances and discussions, be sure to head here soon. Having hosted the Gender Bender this year, we expect great things from the folks here. Follow their social media to know what's happening there.