Hao Chi: New Favourite Pan Asian Cloud Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome?

Hao Chi: Been providing doorstep hands-free delivery during this period of lockdown to end the cravings of food around Banglore.

We ordered the following items-
* Crab Rangoon- 4 in pieces, crispy, and perfect as an Asian appetizer filled with cream cheese and crab meat served with spicy sauce.
* Chicken spicy bao- perfectly steamed, Soft and fluffy and filled with delicious chopped flavorful chicken.
* Basil chicken dimsums- prepared in traditional style, these dim sums were delicate, soft, steamed to perfection and filled with flavorful chicken served with delicious dipping sauce.
* Chicken fried rice- prepared classically with the rice being tossed in chopped veggies and shredded chicken.
* Prawn Massaman Curry- Prawn cooked in freshly crushed Thai herbs, peanuts & coconut milk. Delicious and a perfect combination to go with steamed rice.
* Lamb rending curry- A delicious flavorful curry, and lip-smacking tender lamb pieces.
* Coconut Caramel Custard- creamy and scrumptious, made with milk and eggs.
Worth trying.