Fish Thali For INR 250 Or Prawn Sukka For INR 150: This Is Budget Seafood Paradise

    Malleswaram, Bangalore


    One taste of New Fishland’s pocket-friendly seafood offerings and you’ll be a fan for a life. The tawa-fried anjal, prawn sukka, and clams sukka will make your tummy happy!

    A Sea Change

    Seafood seekers in the city rarely get to enjoy fishy treats on a budget. But that’s probably going to change, thanks to New Fishland. Although this hole-in-the-wall eatery is a few years old, we just discovered this hidden gem, that’s tucked into one of the quieter lanes of Malleswaram.

    New Fishland specialises in Mangalorean seafood and a range of fish thalis come first in line on the menu. We recommend you try the Anjal {seer fish} version. For just INR 250, you get a helping of red rice {or white}, a wafer-thin neer dosa, and a spicy fish curry that’s infused with coconut milk. But the piece-de-resistance is the slice of seer fish that’s been the generously slathered with spices before being fried on a tawa. The fish is fresh, juicy yet delightfully crispy. A helping of rasam and buttermilk round off the thali. The prawn curry {plump prawns cooked in a mellow, coconut broth} version is a winner too.

    Fish Around

    Adorn the space around your thali with a plate of prawn or clams sukka. The seafood is cooked in a thick curry that’s sprinkled with a mix of spices and curry leaves. On your way out, we recommend you pack a plate of deep-fried prawns to enjoy with your evening tipple at home.

      Malleswaram, Bangalore