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This UB City Restaurant's New Menu Is Marrying Shawarma And Biryani

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore


    Not even six months into their launch and Farzi Café is already giving us more reason to head there. And this time, it’s a new menu with old-school favourites… with a twist, obviously.

    Blast From The Past

    When you go to Farzi Café, you best leave behind all your usual expectations because knowing them, they’ll somehow add quirky. Even if it’s to something simple as a sandwich. In fact, they did just that with the Iyengar Bakery toaties; we loved ours that came loaded with spicy chicken, molten cheese and bread that’s got a hint of sweet. Served with potato crisps, it’s a real throw back. Then there’s the South Indian version of chaat — the Dal Moth Matka Chat, with all kinds of right spices. And yes, it comes in an earthen pot. We also feasted on the plump and spicy tempura prawns that came with a light nimbu foam — yum! Oh, and leave space for the Shawarma biryani that is brings together two, top favourites. Come on, who doesn’t want the both of them on one plate, eh?

    Add That Quirk

    Our personal favourite however was the golden fried baby scallops in a pullimunchi glaze that gave it a proper piquant kick and spring onion for added crunch. Then as usual dessert takes things to a whole new level. Rather rich, the Chocolate Dome with Horlicks ice cream and cashew nut mawa won hearts and tummies. For something a bit lighter and not as sweet, look no further than the Farzi Sundae — pistachio, blueberry, brownies and ice cream.

    So, We're Thinking...

    Hitting all those spots of nostalgia, the new menu is a real throwback to favourites from the 90s. We’re going back for more!

      Ashok Nagar, Bangalore