With Amazing Cocktails, Food & A Great View, Your Weekends Are Now Sorted

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What Makes It Awesome?

Night Owl is the place to be to enjoy the nightlife. Amazing Cocktails, Great Food and the View. That's enough to talk about the place. Located just opposite to Conrad and it has valet parking too. Spread across two floors, one being the terrace with the view of the city. I loved the terrace more as I found the other floor to be a little quieter comparatively. Beautifully set up seating with lovely breeze from all the sides is the winner here. Very comfortable seating too.

The drinks here are named after your favourite movie characters and they are very interesting.

1. Heisenberg Special: It's a mixture of Tequila, Vodka, Triple Sec, Blue Curacao and Lime Juice which is served in a jar having the picture of Heisenberg.

2. Iron Man: Mixture of Amaretto, Whiskey, Vodka, Grenadine and orange juice.

3. Apple Pie on the rocks: Freshly cut apple, Apple juice, Brown sugar and cinnamon. A very unique and interesting drink.

4. Cotton Candy Margarita: Cotton Candy, Triple sec, sweet and sour mix. The mixture is poured over the cloud of the cotton candy and you can see the change of the colour that occurs. It is advised to drink it as soon the mixture is poured in order to get the flavour of Cotton Candy.

5. Drunken Gola: Vodka, Kala Khatta, lemon and rock salt. It is served with the Gola on top.

Coming to Food :

Seafood Rasam: This is a mixture of the Squid, Prawns and Crab. The flavour of the rasam is on the next level. Spicy and scrumptious. Don't miss this out here.

Dal Makhani Tart: Creativity with the food is always a different experience. A whole new level of food experience. Amazing concept of having the tart filled with the authentic Dal Makhani.

Deconstructed Veg / Lamb Vada pav: The pav below the. The Vada and then the chilli on top. Have it as a whole to Delish it better.

Paneer/Chicken Tikka Naan Bomb: The Naan filled with Paneer Tikka / Chicken Tikka as you want it. Tasted very good.

Butter Chicken Bao: Bao buns filled with Butter chicken. There was authenticity in the taste. Again a unique try.

Andhra Chilli Chicken: The spiciest one of all. Green Chilli Chicken. Very Luscious. I completed the whole plate all by myself.

Chicken 65 Biryani: Tasted good and loved the 65 in it. Loved how they served it, with the 65 in the stick and the papad over the rice with the eggs. It looked so good.

Brownie with Icecream to end the meal with. The service was very quick and prompt.
I would definitely visit this place soon.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹5,00 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae