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Let The Stars And The Moon Guide You On Thrilling Night Treks Around Town

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Tired of spending your nights cooped up at home binge watching the latest drama series EVERY weekend? Well, we’ve got the perfect getaway for you! Say goodbye to the malls and pubs you frequent because, just a bus ride away are the most breath taking views of the night sky in all its starry glory. So this weekend slip into your most comfy shoes, pack your bags with torches, jackets, water and nibbles, and set out to explore the great outdoors on night treks just a few hours from Bangalore.

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A network of tunnel like formations, perfect for cave explorations, Anthargange in Kolar, a mere 70kms from the city, allows you to channel your inner Indiana Jones. Camera in hand, get ready to make your way through a dark maze of rocks and shimmy through cracks in boulders till you reach the peak. For those with a religious inclination, you can’t miss the Kasi Vishweshwara temple with the big stone buffalo head spouting water.

Driving time from Bangalore: 2 hours.


Fifty kilometres from the city, Ramanagara offers a moderately difficult climb, definitely requiring confidence and a good grip. One of the most frequently visited sites, it includes a bit of adventure as well. Have a go at midnight rappelling and relax by the bonfire before being captivated by the sunrise at the peak. If you’re looking for a spot of thrill, make sure this one is on your radar.

Driving time from Bangalore: 1.5 hours.

Kunti Betta

Surrounded by the characteristic smell of jaggery plants, Kunti Betta in Pandavapura promises an exhilarating time. The summit offers mesmerising views of the surrounding countryside and the backwaters of Tonnur Kere. One may also engage in kayaking or swimming after the sun rises. Although a slightly long journey, the views and array of activities makes the trip totally worth your time!

Driving time from Bangalore: 4.5 hours.


Savanadurga, 4220 ft above sea level, calls for a quick drive to the Deccan plateau. Comprising twin peaks Karigudda {The Black Hill} and Biligudda {The White Hill}, it is said to be the largest monolith in Asia, proving to be a pretty challenging trek. One of the most sought after getaways, the peak offers glimpses of the nocturnal beauty of the sky and surrounding Magadi forest region as well as views of the former prison fort of the Hoysala Empire at daybreak.

Driving time from Bangalore: 2 hours

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Perfect for trekkers and climbing enthusiasts alike, Kabbaladurga in Kanakpura, promises greenery and serenity. Get ready to climb steep rocky surfaces and grab onto rough edges to reach the peak, home to the temple of Goddess Kabbalamma. The monolith, daunting as it may seem, offers pristine views and a definite feeling of self-accomplishment. We usually take a flask of piping hot filter coffee and sip on it as the day breaks. Bliss!

Driving time from Bangalore: 3 hours.