Collector Or Festive Display, Find Dasara Dolls At This Jayanagar Store

    Jayanagar, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    Pick up traditional Dasara Dolls if you’re a newbie, or need to add to your family collection at NL Dasara Dolls. If you’re planning to set up a Dasara Doll display at home this year for the first time and don’t know where to start because you don’t have a collection of dolls passed down through the family, we’ve found a great place to pick up dolls, and you don’t have to travel all the way to Mysore, or any highway to pick a few up! 

    NL Dasara Dolls in Jayanagar 3rd block is a room full of typical dolls, and a great place to start or add to your collection. Handcrafted (but not made at the source, they’re bought in bulk from multiple suppliers across South India) dolls depicting scenes from mythology, Deities (we even spotted a serene Buddha), daily life, tableaux depicting agriculture, modern life, folk tales, and festivals adorn every flat surface at the store. They even have those dolls that do the ‘Indian head shake’ in medium to large sizes. 

    You’ll find the store owner touching up a doll to be at its colourful best whichever time of the year you turn up. They pride themselves in their conventional, traditional ware, which we also think is their best offering, so if don’t go if you’re looking for something very unique. However, they do occasionally have some themed dolls and you could request the staff to show you anything from their new collection. The dolls start at INR 750 for a set, and a few single miscellaneous pieces (like accessories for dolls depicting farming tolls, or animals) sell for cheaper depending on the size and exact piece.


    The store is open through the year, so if you want something for slightly cheaper, hit them up around 6 months in advance, but don’t expect fresh pieces then as the new stock arrives at the end of August every year.

      Jayanagar, Bangalore